Hanna Isaacson BA, MSc, CPsychol, AFBPsS Clinical Psychologist Couple and Family Therapist North West London Area (Golders Green, near Hampstead, Finchley and Hendon)

About Therapy. Two chairs

About Therapy

As a clinical psychologist, I will try to help you make sense of your difficulties and, where appropriate, offer therapy aimed at meeting your particular needs. I offer a number of models of therapy to help you resolve problems and establish new pathways for healthy living. I work in a collaborative way, which means that you, the client, will be in the driving seat while I will help you navigate through life's challenges.

"Hanna is the voice of reason. Her clarity of thought and calm approach have given me the courage to transform my life."

"Hanna never imposed her opinion - all answers had to come from me. That allowed for quicker understanding of my problems."

Originally trained in cognitive behaviour therapy, I also offer additional models including compassion focused therapy, mindfulness, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) emotionally focused couple therapy and solution focused therapy.

"Hanna has given me a safe space to explore a very traumatic memory. With her support, I was able to lift the lid off my past and work through my emotions in a very gentle way."

As a systemic therapist, I am interested in the way you are influenced by your relationships. The aim of systemic therapy is to place your symptom within the context of your present and past relationships with family members and/or partner. You are welcome to bring anyone with you to your sessions. This will help you to attach new meanings to the problem and to develop new ways of relating. It is hoped that if you change your way of communicating your symptoms will change.

Emotionally focused couple therapy aims to explore patterns in relationships that cause distress. It is particularly helpful for clients who experience anger, fear, insecurity, loss of trust, and betrayal. The purpose of emotionally focused therapy is to help clients express their emotions in a way that helps them connect to their partner, ask for what they need and become more responsive in their communications.

"With Hanna's help, my partner was able to get to a level of security within herself that she could open up and communicate to me how she was feeling without fear of the consequences. This helped create a more harmonious atmosphere compared to the silence at the beginning of therapy."

"What I really liked was the way Hanna encouraged my husband to notice what he was feeling beneath the anger, as I found I could respond to him in a way that brought us closer."

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